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Benefits of Escape Rooms

Team Building

Escape Rooms require communication, performance under pressure, time management, and creativity in solving problems.


They are a great way to practice putting the team first and combining diverse individual strengths into an effective team.

Improve Communication

A successful escape has a lot of ingredients, but none are more important than communicating ideas clearly.

Escape Rooms are a great way to practice the ability to concisely explain your ideas to your team.

Productivity and Time Management

Even with perfect communication and teamwork, you won't get out if you can't perform on a strict deadline.

An Escape Room isn't just a fun game, it's valuable practice prioritizing, managing time and tasks, and trusting your team.

Trust and Collaboration

Speaking of trust, a key element of teamwork is knowing when to step back and let a teammate shine.

When escaping, it's important to let your teammates do their part while you do yours. Trust each other, and you'll get out.

Creativity and Problem Solving

In life, and in our escape rooms, things aren't always what they seem and the answer is rarely right in front of you.

Even when it is, sometimes it takes outside-the-box thinking to recognize it. Practice your creativity in an Escape Room today.

Fun and Entertainment

Who can forget the best part of an Escape Room - you get all those benefits without even thinking about it!

Solving an Escape Room is all about having fun and ejoying the challenge of the problem. The rest just comes naturally.

Larger Groups and Teams

Now that you know all the benefits of playing an Escape Room, you might be wondering if they are a good fit for your team. Great news! Solving escape rooms is a perfect activity for teams of all sizes and types.

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So make a booking for your team today! For smaller groups just Book Now, and for groups larger than 8 people please Contact Us by email or phone and we'll put together the perfect package for you.

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