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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a group of 2 come and play?

Yes, of course! While challenging, our escape rooms are designed for groups as small as 2 players.

How much does it cost?

The price per person is $30 + tax, no matter the size of your group.

How long does it take?

You are given 1 hour to complete each of our games, though a skilled team may get out sooner.

How early should we arrive?

We ask that you arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled booking time in order to secure loose items in our provided lockers and go over the rules. Your timer starts at your scheduled booking time.

We have a group of more than 8 players, can we still play?

We can accomodate larger groups, usually by using more than one game. You can even reserve the entire facility if it best suits your group! Please Contact Us directly for more information.

Will we be booked with other people?

No, at Prince Albert Xscapes all bookings are private. Gameplay is for your group only.

What are the age restrictions?

Players aged 14+ are welcome in all of our games. Players aged 7-13 can play, but must have an adult in the room with them. Younger players cannot play unfortunately. Please Contact Us directly with any questions.

I see cameras in the rooms. Am I being recorded?

Yes, we do have cameras in order to help our game masters keep a close eye on the game in order to give you hints. Footage is never published or shared in any way, and is kept secure.

What should I wear? What is permitted in the room?

Our rooms are kept at a reasonable room temperature, so dress comfortably. Wet or muddy footwear may need to be removed. Cell phones, cameras, keys, and other loose items can be kept in our provided lockers.

Are we really locked in the room?

No! You are free to leave at any time for any reason. Need a bathroom break? Feel free, just be aware that the timer does not stop while you are out of the room.

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